Cinerama Theater Construction

The task - To create a Cinerama Screening Theater with equipment from the 1950s! If you would like to learn more about the history and woes of this project you can read my article published in Millimeter magazine here.To learn more about the restoration of films and How The West Was One visit this site.


                                           Original Cinerama Three Lens Camera


                               Planning and Design for our Curved Screen


                                                  146 Degree Screen Construction


                                          The Crew Setting the Projectors In Place


           Old Cinerama Mag Player                                         1952 Cinerama Projector


                                               The Finished Three Projector Booth


                                       Inside the Finished Cinerama Screening Theater

When the Crest National Film Laboratories restoration work was completed, commercial screenings were held at Pacific Theaters Cinerama Dome in Hollywood of both This Is Cinerama and How The West Was Won. Come on along for the show.

Pacific Theaters Cinerama Dome

               The Cinerama Dome - Curved Curtain Wall       Inside the booth -  Able Projection Port View


                          Baker Port View of Curved Screen and How the West Was Won


         Reels Are Plattered for Projection                 7 Track Mag Playback - Thats 45 minutes!

SACD Theater Construction


            Double Wall Door Framing 14 inch                 First Layer of "Rock" Goes Up


                            1/8" Sound Barrier                               Z-Bar Installation


                                                 Inner Walls and T-Bar Construction



                      Room Corner Bass Trap                       Custom Wood Tuned Diffussors


                                            Finishing Panel Installation

Maintenance Happens


                      Using the "skyhook" to lift a replacement 20HP HVAC blower motor.


                   Maintenance includes work on one of two 400 Ton cold water chillers.


                                           Weekly PM is required on the 600kw generator. 


       Crest Nationals own DWP substation.             Inspect the functionality of the 40Kva UPS.


         Cable installs come in all colors        Full Installation, and just where did that cable go?


                                           Sometimes maintenance is to the chip level!

Production Times

                      Jon Truckenmiller and OCF/Boeing - Off the runway Everret, WA

                                         Camera work everywhere!

Radio The Early Years


                       South Central Michigan Radio and TV - Late 60s "Playing the Hits"

All Photography - Jon Truckenmiller